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We were asked by our clients to provide a solution to the problem caused by cold and draughty wooden sash windows. The sash windows were original and in good condition but let in a lot of cold air which was very unwelcome in the colder months. A few of the windows had cracks and shelling in the glass which caused some safety concerns. The property was within a conservation area so we had to design the sashes to replicate the original. 


Fortunately, the box frames were in sound condition so were suitable for replacement sashes.  We used ultra-thin double-glazed units (slimline) and replicated the period moulds so the sashes and bars looked as close to the originals as possible.   During installation of the new replacement sashes, we draught proofed and overhauled the box frames. Once the weather seal was installed, draughts were eliminated and this made a significant difference in their thermal efficiency and operating performance. The rooms were now warmer and far more comfortable, saving on winter fuel bills too. The overhauled frame left the clients with effortlessly gliding sashes and dramatically increase the lifespan of the windows. The toughened glass we use as standard on both panes of the double-glazed unit, improves safety and provides peace of mind for many years to come. 



“The quality and the finish are exceptional and we are thoroughly pleased with what you’ve achieved given the challenges presented.”

Anthony, January 2015